Dr. Mindi Jentes, B.A., D.C.

Dr Mindi Jentes

a little bit about me

Hi there! I’m a chiropractor, Opera singer, pastor’s wife and mom. I’ve been married to the love of my life, Mike Jentes for 21 years, and have 4 children (20, 19, 16, 13). I’ve been singing since I could crawl and own a thriving private practice in Southern California. I got started with Young Living oils about 15 years ago when I sustained a severe ankle injury 1 month before I was scheduled for a two week solo concert tour in Germany. Not wanting to wear a boot around Germany, and only 1 week before my trip, a friend introduced me to Young Living Oils. I used Ortho Sport and Rosemary. In just 1 week I was able to ditch the boot, while the healing continued during my tour. In just 3 weeks I felt fine. Today, I utilize oils in my office to support the natural healing process for my patients. I also enjoy sharing fantastic recipes for household & self care along with yummy food recipes too! I invite you to join me on this journey of experiencing the many amazing health benefits of Young Living essential oils. Check out my website and please, feel free to contact me if you any questions or concerns.

I’m so excited to see you join The Bloom Collective!

All you need to do is follow the simple steps & you’re in:

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Your kit will arrive within 1-2 weeks and it will feel like Christmas when the FedEx man drops it on your doorstep! I can’t wait to introduce you to our awesome Young Living community where you will find so many helpful resources for making the most of your starter kit and all it can do in your life. WELCOME!